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Visitor Recordings  50 100 200 500
Trace Pages  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Sites  1 1 5 20
SSL (For Secure Sites) 
Instant Reporting 
iPhone Recording 
Analytics Integration 
WordPress Integration 
Monthly Cost Free Trial $19.95 $49.95 $99.95
Launch Offers   $14.95 $29.95 $59.95

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MouseTrace provides a complete view of how your visitors are using your website, recording every click, mouse movement. We even record iPhone visitors to show you how your website looks and works for mobile users including capturing all iPhone zoom actions and even when the visitor rotates their phone to get a better view of your website!

There is no software to install, you simply add 1 line of HTML code to your website or blog and then our tracing systems will start recording your website visitors actions. You will be able to start watching your visitors within a matter of minutes!  Start Now

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Analytics Integration

MouseTrace now integrates with your favourite analytics service to provide even better and easier access to your visitor records.

By installing our free Google Chrome browser plug-in (Safari & Firefox coming soon) you will have full access to your MouseTrace replays directly from the follow web analytic reporting services:

Google Analytics

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We will be adding extra services to our browser plug-in soon, but if you have any requests please Let us know.

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Visitor Recordings

MouseTrace is not a traditional "Web Stats" company, we operate alongside any other web stats package that you may be using (E.g. Google Analytics, Get Clicky, etc) to provide you with in-depth information on how your visitors are using your website.

The Visitor Recordings figure is how many website visitors we will hold on your account for you. So for example, on the Silver package we will show you the last 200 people to visit your websites.

You are free to split up your Visitor Recordings amongst any number of website or blogs, so you may want to record the last 50 visitors to 4 different websites for example.

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Unlimited Trace Pages!

MouseTrace is unique in that we let you record any number of web pages from your configured websites. We believe it is important to see how a visitor navigates through your full website so let you do so with all of our packages (Excluding SSL pages). There are no restrictions on the number of web pages you can track within each of your configured websites.

To trace your web pages or blog entries, all you have to do is add 1 line of HTML to your website.

MouseTrace also takes a snapshot of how each page looked at the time of a visit, so when watching a replay you will always see exactly the same page that your visitor did. This includes any custom data you show each visitor.

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Maximum Sites

This Maximum Sites figure is the total number of websites you can monitor through your account. A website is a standard domain such as

On our Silver package you can use MouseTrace on 5 separate website and for Gold customers you can use MouseTrace on 20 websites.

If you need to monitor more website Please Get In Touch.

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SSL (For Secure Sites

MouseTrace is also able to record your visitor activity even if you use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on parts of your website. If you wish to record from SSL pages please select the Silver or Gold package.

With our SSL monitoring we will record all mouse and iPhone gesture activity but not any sensitive data such as key strokes.

The recorded data is only available to you through your secured logon.

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Instant Recording

Time is crucial when it comes to optimising your website or blog, so we give you instant access to your visitor reports. No waiting around, as soon as someone visitors your website you will be able to start watching how they navigate and use your site!

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iPhone Recording

The iPhone is one of the fastest growing devices being used to access websites and blogs. Your website may not work very well on an iPhone or be difficult to navigate, find out by using our unique iPhone recording technology.

For iPhone users we record every activity including:

  • Page scrolls
  • Page Zooms - The visitor enlarging or decreasing the size of your web pages
  • Gestures - The visitor clicking or pressing one or more fingers onto areas of your website
  • Device Rotation - The visitor rotating their iPhone to alter how your website looks

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WordPress Integration

With our free WordPress extension, you can quickly get started with MouseTrace on your blog or WordPress based website.

Register for your free trial with MouseTrace and then simply install the WordPress Extension to get started.

Within a couple of minutes you will be watching real-time replays of how your visitors are using your blog, watching every mouse movement, click and scroll - just like sitting next to your visitors watching their screen!

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Free Trial

You can Try MouseTrace for free, with no obligation to continue.

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